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With growing demand for our pet cremation services, we've introduced some new products for storing cremated remains and memorializing your beloved animal companions. Among these products, cremation jewelry is quickly becoming a favorite choice of horse owners and pet parents who wish to preserve memories and keep their animal friends close at heart. Our tightly curated collection of tiny pet cremation jewelry keepsakes is another way we're providing grieving pet owners with a personalized remembrance.

From classic cylinders to laser engraved pendants, our pet memorial keepsakes are available in ash and non-ash holding styles. And these treasured pieces are crafted using a variety of metals, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sterling Silver
  • 14K Gold Plating (Over Sterling Silver)
  • 14K Solid Yellow Gold
  • 14K Solid White Gold
  • Platinum

Most of our cremation jewelry selections can be personalized with engraving of text, artwork and even photos.

Following the death of an animal friend, our clients often have questions about pet urns and sharing the cremated remains. Now, with our cremation jewelry selections, pet parents have a perfect way to share the ashes with family members or friends who may want a remembrance.

It's not uncommon for our customers to feel uncomfortable about filling their pet cremation jewelry, and they routinely ask us to fill their new keepsake with ashes. if you need help, your local pet cremation service provider can usually be of assistance. Filling pendants is an easy and quick task for most pet loss professionals and many will assist you for very little charge, often none at all. However, many people do elect to fill keepsake jewelry themselves and, for those folks, the following information may be helpful.

Filling Pet Cremation Jewelry

If you're considering a purchase, you may be asking, "How do I get the ashes in my keepsake?" Well, the process is really quite simple.

We'll send you a fill kit to use when filling your new pendant. By the way, each pendant arrives in a presentation box, a fill kit, and complete filling instructions. Everything is included for one low price.

Most of our precious metal pendants feature a screw-type opening and all have a rubber gasket on the screw making it air and water tight. Your cremation jewelry pendant can be opened and filled using the screw driver and small funnel provided.

A small toothpick will help you guide your pet's cremated remains through the funnel and into the tiny chamber. The toothpick can also be used to remove any of the cremated remains that might collect along the threads of your keepsake.

Caring for Pet Cremation Jewelry

Pet cremation jewelry is a precious possession. However, proper care is required to assure the quality of your jewelry. We're pleased to offer the following simple guidelines and tips for the care and cleaning of your keepsake.

  • Store your pendant in a clean, dry place.
  • Keep your keepsake in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers. If you prefer to use the presentation box provided, wrap your piece in soft tissue paper.
  • Don't keep your pet cremation jewelry pieces together in a drawer or jewelry case. The items can scratch each other.
  • Be careful when removing your keepsake to bathe. Do not leave your necklace on the rim of a sink where it can easily slip down the drain.
  • See your jeweler at least once a year to have your pendant checked for general wear and tear. Visit your jeweler every six months to have your pet cremation jewelry professionally cleaned.
  • There are several brands of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners using a small motor to emit high frequency sound waves. The sound waves loosen the dirt and debris from jewelry. And because of these ultrasonic vibrations, dirt in even the smallest crevices of the jewelry is removed. These devices are available in many different models and they promise a convenient way to quickly clean your jewelry at home. However, some ultrasonic cleaners may damage your pet cremation jewelry. Your local jeweler can tell you if an ultrasonic cleaning machine is right for your keepsake and, if it is, suggest an appropriate model.
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