A Fitting Memorial for Your Horse

A Fitting Memorial for Your HorseBy Ron Robinson

To many equestrians losing a horse is like losing a member of the family. Many horses are loyal friends and companions and offer their owners unconditional love and comfort that is almost impossible to get from a human being. Grieving for the loss of a friend or family member is expected and understood and yet many feel that they are not allowed to mourn when their horse passes on. Often they fear being ridiculed or mocked if they allow their distress to be visible and yet they can be closer to their horse than any human they know.

Pet cemeteries offer equestrians a place to lay their horse to rest and somewhere to go to mourn and remember them. Others prefer equine cremation and may scatter their horse's ashes in a favorite place or to keep them in an urn as a remembrance. Until recently, these options have been the most common but can be expensive. But as with most things, the Internet is opening up a range of new opportunities. 

For horse owners who are unable to afford private equine cremation or burial in a pet cemetery, there are still ways they can remember their beloved equine companion and share with others who have lost a horse.

For horse owners who are unable to afford private equine cremation or burial in a pet cemetery, there are still ways they can remember their beloved equine companion and share with others who have lost a horse.

Online Memorials

It’s human nature to want to memorialize a horse that has recently died. We want people to know about our beloved equine companion by allowing friends and family to come together and provide thoughts, insights and memories of our horse. Online, this is kind of a big deal, connecting equestrians all over the world, using a platform everyone can access, whenever it's convenient for them to do so.

Thanicare allows everyone to gather together regardless of their location, mobility, age or gender. Our online community allows you to share about your horse and offer support to others who are grieving their own loss. For those who have experienced the loss of a horse, this group offers a real opportunity to share and learn about grief. No longer is it an embarrassment to mourn publicly and the community is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Memorial Keepsakes & Gifts

When words just aren't enough, memorial keepsakes may help you to express how you feel. Crafta Frame® manufactures specialty picture frames and has teamed with Expressly Yours! to offer the Rainbow Bridge for Horses Memorial Keepsake. This photo frame holds a picture of your horse and it's presented in a matching box. If desired, the memorial keepsake can be packaged as a gift and shipped to a friend with your condolences expressed on a matching sympathy card.

Personalized Photobooks

Companies like Photobook America allow users to create personalized photobooks online, making it easy to design your own tribute book, using a collection of creative design templates. The resulting book is printed on digital color printers and hardcover bound. Because of the integrated design and order workflow, these hardcover bound books with customized pictures and text can be produced and shipped at an affordable price.

I plan on using Photobook America for all of my photobooks. Why? Because your photos tell the story of life with your horse. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Photobook America for preserving memories and creating a tribute to your horse. Also, you can use them for other projects if you plan on creating more photobooks. For a limited time, you can get 60% off on All Imagewrap Photobooks. Checkout with PBLSIMG60. Offer valid till 30 June 2014.

Considering euthanasia for your horse? Face your equine friend's end-of-life experience with help from Thanicare, offering natural burial, and equine cremation services.

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