5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Pet Cremation Services in San Diego

There's no "do overs" when caring for your pet's remains. Unfortunately, some San Diego families have suffered the anguish that comes with selecting the wrong company. The effects of even the smallest error can be devastating and cannot be undone. In this post we'll discuss pet cremation services, taking a look at five mistakes to avoid when choosing a pet cremation service provider in San Diego.

  1. Assuming all San Diego pet cremation providers are the same.

    All pet crematories are not created equal. Just because they offer the same type of service, doesn't mean they all have the same commitment to quality. Have they published a code of ethics, stating the values to which they are committed? Do they use a barcode scanner and an asset tracking system? How can you be sure the cremated remains you receive are those of your pet? Avoid mistakes and remove the possibility of regret by asking questions and learning more about the company's approach to the pet cremation process.

  2. Making your decision based on price.

    Today, businesses are facing a more cost-conscious consumer. As a result, the marketplace is responding and San Diego pet cremation services are now priced competitively. However, purchasing decisions based on price alone can lead to disappointment if things don't go well. So find out what’s included with that low price. What does the service package include, and more importantly, what’s being omitted? When a company cuts corners to improve their own bottom line, it's the customer who suffers the consequences. And San Diego pet cremation providers are no exception. Don’t just look at the price — look for the value you'll receive for the money you're about to spend.

  3. Getting a quote without all the costs.

    Some companies may quote you a low price, only for you to find out later that not all the costs of were included. Make sure they quote you all the costs, including removal, transfer of your pet to the crematory, your preferred type of cremation, the urn, nameplate, memorial keepsakes, and shipping.

  4. Underestimating the importance of personal contact.

    While modern technologies like social media, email, and text messaging help us communicate in ways we never have before, don’t overlook the value of a face-to-face conversation when selecting pet cremation services. Before you trust someone with the care of your beloved animal companion, be sure to meet the person who'll be coordinating the arrangements. Inquire about how they handle the details. Getting to know your pet loss professional will help you feel more confident about your animal aftercare decisions.

  5. Forgetting to ask about guarantees.

    The loss of a beloved animal companion is an emotional event and when choosing a pet cremation provider, you have to get it right the first time. As a pet loss professional, I truly believe in the services I provide. And I offer a money-back guarantee. Be sure to ask if the company offers a guarantee and have it explained it to you in detail.


Pet cremation is an important decision. Working with the right pet cremation provider can lead to a healing experience and the creation of cherished memories that last a lifetime. While the San Diego pet cremation niche is competitive, not all animal aftercare services are delivered with an unrelenting commitment to excellence. Make sure you're comfortable with your pet loss professional and the services you are considering. Ask questions, gather information, and select the service package that meets your needs.

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