Thanicare and San Diego Pet Driver Enter Strategic Alliance

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San Diego, CA March 11, 2022  -- Thanicare, a San Diego-based reseller of pet memorial services, announced today they have entered into a strategic alliance with San Diego Pet Driver. The collaboration leverages the respective strengths of the two companies to create compelling value for pet owners throughout San Diego County. "We began collaborating with San Diego Pet Driver about three months ago, to great success," said Ron Robinson, Founder of Thanicare. "I am thrilled we're able to work together to help families in their time of need."

Helping People When Their Pets Die at Home

As part of the collaboration, Thanicare has rolled out a newly revamped concierge service whereby people can arrange pet cremation services online without ever having to leave their home. "If your pet should die unexpectedly, a member of the San Diego Pet Driver team will come to your home and remove your deceased pet. We'll take care of the cremation and return to your home with a beautiful keepsake urn," added Robinson.

San Diego Pet Driver has been involved in the pet transportation industry since 2007. It is known for the humane treatment of animals in the delivery of pet transportation services. "Every day, in San Diego County, pets die at home. Sometimes, it's after a prolonged illness, In other cases, animals pass away unexpectedly. And still other times, pets are euthanized at home by a veterinarian. With better, faster service, we're prepared to respond in a meaningful way when families need us most." said Bruce Antonoff, Owner of San Diego Pet Driver.

Thanicare has also indicated plans to expand its product offering and has introduced a proprietary line of cedar pet urns handcrafted by master woodworker Jim Moody. "With concierge services and an expanded line of pet memorial products, Thanicare is in a great position to capture market share in local markets," added Robinson. 

About Thanicare

Thanicare offers a concierge pet cremation service that you can arrange online or over the phone. No crematory visit is required. At Thanicare, our mission is to provide an unparalleled customer services experience for the families that reach out to us during their time of need. For more information about Thanicare, visit the associated website at

About San Diego Pet Driver

San Diego Pet Driver provides pet transportation services to and from airports, veterinary hospitals, and grooming appointments. It is also recognized as an optimal solution for customers seeking overnight boarding and pet sitting services. For more information about San Diego Pet Driver, visit the company's website at



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