Thanicare Expands Service to Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY, May. 11, 2022 -- Thanicare, a value-added reseller of pet memorial services, today announced it will offer animal aftercare services to families in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The company will combine selected products and services to create a new pet cremation package, including free 24/7 home pick up, private pet cremation, a custom engraved keepsake urn, and home delivery by appointment.

“Oklahoma City pet parents have been asking for this type of service, and we are delighted to expand our coverage area to include them,” said Ron Robinson, founder of Thanicare. “We provide a solution to pet owners–especially homebound customers–when their animal companions die at home.” The company's care team will provide unmatched customer service with 24 hour access to pet memorial services.

Thanicare has been involved in the pet death care industry since 2007. The company is known for compassion and the careful handling of animals in the delivery of pet cremation services. "Every day we hear from people who have sadly lost a pet. Sometimes, it's after a prolonged illness. In other cases, an animal has passed away unexpectedly. And still other times, a beloved pet has been euthanized at home by a veterinarian. Families are grieving and they don't know what to do. We're promising to bring better, faster service when they need us most," added Robinson.

Thanicare has also announced plans to expand its product offering and has introduced the Grateful Memories line of cedar pet urns handcrafted by woodworking artist Jim Moody.

About Thanicare

Thanicare offers a concierge-style pet cremation service that you can arrange online or over the phone. No crematory visit is required. At Thanicare, our mission is to provide an unparalleled customer service experience for families that reach out to us during their time of need. For more information about Thanicare, visit the company's website at

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