Volunteer posing for a photo with a dog at an animal shelter
There are a lot of great people and organizations doing some really amazing work in Oklahoma City and the greater San Diego area. We're proud to offer our support wherever we can, and this list of animal charities outlines some of the organizations we currently support. Please contact our office for additional information.

Animal Charities Supported by Thanicare

Our Giving Priorities

Animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries are among the charities supported by Thanicare. We work with partners in Oklahoma City and San Diego County to support and fund programs that benefit local communities.

Progress Together

The organizations we support make a difference in the quality of life of animals in Oklahoma City and the greater San Diego area. By joining together we can make dreams become reality and goals become accomplishments.

More Information

We receive many requests for support and each one is valued. If you are interested in applying for a charitable donation from Thanicare, please contact our office for more information.