Welcome to the Thanicare Resources section, a curated list of professionals and articles I strongly recommend for end-of-life pet care and coping with the loss of an animal friend.

Here you'll find links to various resources available to you as you make your way through the pet loss experience. By the way, I have firsthand experience with every recommendation on this page.

Before digging into these helpful resources I know and trust, an important disclosure.

In The News

"End-Of-Life Decisions." California Riding Magazine. MPM Publications, April 2016. Web. 8 April 2016.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia (San Diego)

Compassionate Heart. Sondra Elson, DVM.

Go In Peace. Joe Rosenberg, DVM.

Ranch House Veterinary Services. Jennifer Stewart, DVM.

Equine Euthanasia (San Diego)

Large Animal Veterinary Associates. Larry Catt, DVM and Larry Martin, DVM

Paniolo Equine Veterinary Service. Joe Rosenberg, DVM.

San Dieguito Equine Group. Paul McClellan, DVM